I love Patterson's Alex Cross books, no doubt.

Even more because I see Morgan Freeman in my mind's eye when I hear the name Alex Cross.   Can't help it folks, I adore Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman's Voice, I even appreciate his attitudes as a man although I don't always agree with them - he doesn't need my agreement of course.   Alex and Kate, I liked them as a couple, even if it was more of an implied thing, it worked for me.   Put the two of them, Morgan and Ashley, in a movie together and I'll watch it, even if it's not Alex Cross  ;).   Yep, I watched High Crimes and I enjoyed it too.   And I like Ashley Judd, not only because she's a Kentucky girl, not only because she's so typically crazy about basketball (nearly all Kentuckians are crazy about the Cats, that's a given), not only because she's sailed her own ship away from the music that her mother and sister do so well.   I like Ashley because she's real.   Warts and all.   As it should be.

Alex and Kate.   One of my favorite movie couples.

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