This pantheon would not be complete without mention of a place that I think I might like to live, in spite of it's many hazards - there are many more pleasures to be had, and a way of life that appeals to me.   Anne McCaffrey created an entire world and peopled it with quite believable characters, both human and dragon-kind.   I love this world, and if I can not live on the original Enterprise this world is where I would choose next.   And I would like to work in a harper hall, if not the Harper Hall.   Any task would suit, just to be in the company of these musical teachers!   Anne said she began with a short tale that would put dragons - a much maligned creature - in a better light.   What she didn't realize in the beginning was that her short tale would bring about a demand for further ones, and so P.E.R.N. was born.   Today Anne's son Todd carries on the tradition, and he's doing a good job of it.   There are detractors of course, purists who can't accept any vision but Anne's.   Yet it is no small thing to take up such a pen, to follow in such footsteps and to manage to keep such an essence, let alone as well as Todd has done.   It is P.E.R.N. still, if from a bit different perspective perhaps.   Kudos younger McCaffrey - may your reign last as long for this world and Pern's as the Grande Dame's did!


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