It's odd I suppose, that this is another Alex and Kate.   But there it is.   Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.   Let me make it clear up front that I am not among the Keandra set, no no.   I do not see Keanu and Sandy as a couple, I don't wish they were a couple, I'm not even advocating that they should do more films together, although given the right vehicle that could be fun.   No, this is about Alex and Kate.   And Annie and Jack.   Ok, so this is two couples in one.   Four different people though, without doubt.   Kate and Annie might have been acquaintances but probably not close friends.   And Jack and Alex.. Jack is concrete, Alex is abstract, the two couldn't be farther apart if they were trying.   But opposites often attract - and balance each other out.Annie's borderline flakiness needed Jack's solid presence.   Kate's hesitant self confidence as a woman needed Alex's bolstering enthusiasm.   The two couples work for me, and apparently many others  :)   Annie and Jack overcame the bus and the bomber, Alex and Kate overcame time.   Relationships can be difficult under the best of circumstances, these people clearly were meant to be together!   Put these two together again and sure, I'll watch 'em, but if not, that's alright too.   Annie, Jack, Alex and Kate will stand the test of time alone.


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