I must have seen the trailer somewhere, sometime.   I dreamed this thing and woke up the next morning knowing that I had to go rent it, that I wanted to watch it.   It was already out on video - back in the day, when VHS was all there was.   So I rented it, and I watched it, and I was gobsmacked.   I don't know why.   The film was beautiful, the acting was seamless, the story.. yes, maybe it was the story.   These two, Etienne and Isabeau, always together, forever apart.   While I like to believe that I am basically a realest, somewhere in my make-up lurks a romantic.   I am happy that they had a happy ending to their story.   Sappy Hollywood.   This film did one other - nearly unforgivable - thing to me though.   It sent me on a search back for Rutger Hauer and all he'd done - and would do.   Another Voice.   He is the only John Ryder.   And I firmly believe that no one else could have come that close to Roy Batty and still make you care.   Don't even get me started on medieval blood, desire and sacrifice.   And if I was in a tight spot, please the Gods I'd have Nick Randall in my corner.   LadyHawke holds a special place in my heart, it's a film I will watch again.   And again.   Have done.   And I have forgiven it for sticking me with Rutger Hauer.   Life's water beneath a bridge I'll gladly stand on.

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