Yes, it was the music.   And of course it was the Voice.   But it's always been the hair.   The hair..

I saw Journey and Steve Perry for the first time, after midnight, on television, in the late 1970's on Midnight Special.   And only because I just happened to be walking through the room when I heard that Voice and it stopped me dead in my tracks.   The song was Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' , which remains one of their favorite tunes for me today.   But I saw that hair.. and that was it.   The Gods help me I actually moved to California some time later with this man in the back of my mind.   It's the only thing really 'fan' that I think I've ever done.   Perhaps I'd not have been driven to go there otherwise, but I loved my time on the west coast, it is a singular place to live, so for that too, I thank you Steve.   If not for the music, the Voice - and that hair - I might never have tasted the essence of California, it is a flavor I won'tforget.

And no, I didn't meet him  ;)


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