What can I say?   On the bridge of this ship lies Home.   This thing was a phenomenon, way ahead of it's time in both ideals and implementation.   I don't need to say a lot here, Star Trek has made it's place on so many levels and is every-day familiar to such great numbers, there's nothing I can say that someone - or several someones - hasn't already at least thought of.   So what I will say is that if I could have, I'd have been on that first voyage, and every one following it.   Gene Roddenberry had a vision and managed to bring it to Hollywood and keep it intact, from it's scifi premise to it's at that point unheard of mix of human characters.   My appreciation to Mr Roddenberry, to the original actors, who will always be my own crew, and to all of those who have endeavored to keep the ideal alive.   The death of the original ship was painful.   But as with anything that good it never really 'dies'.   The Enterprise still plies the heart and mind realms of Space, that Final Frontier!

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