It's always been werewolves for

Until Anne Rice came along and planted an intriguing new kind of vampire in my mind.   For awhile I found myself keeping the strangest of companies, even venturing into a world of born witches and elementals because I so enjoyed her writing style.   And of course the 'hook' of truth appeals.. what if?..   What if they are real?   Ms Rice did a very good job with that, to the point that if one immerses oneself deeply enough they entertain - lightly - the possibilities of meeting Armand at a theater perhaps, or Marius in an art gallery.  

Or the Gods forbid Lestat at a concert.

But in this world, for me, it is Khayman who appeals the most.   One of the least developed of the characters, still with enough tantalizing hints of his back story to imagine the world he was born into, and what it was like for the man he must have been to be dragged into the world he now lives in, a true unwilling.   Then there is the movie, Interview With A Vampire.   I did enjoy this movie, but like so many others at the time I found it difficult to accept the actor chosen for Lestat's part, although I'll agree he did a creditable job of it.   But now, some years later in another world of the undead I find the near-perfect Lestat..

Could have been..  

At any rate I now enjoy a good vampire story as much as any other sort, for that I thank you Anne!  


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