Welcome to what might be termed my "Personal beliefs" page. Just a little outside the Firelight... I set foot on this Path when I was 14 years old, and have never looked back. It has been an interesting Journey, not over yet. I've included this page simply for those who have similar interests, and to provide a starting place for those who may not yet have ventured out into the 'dark'... Most of us who have set up "housekeeping" of a Pagan Nature, here in CyberSpace, have given our artistic natures free reign, so that the various Homes reflect a myriad of thoughts, feelings and beliefs. My own bent is eclectic, and as a member of the Family of Man and not just a resident of a city, state or country, I have chosen to reflect no particular theme. As the symbol below indicates, I too believe that all Gods are one, that all Spiritual Paths lead to the same Place - and as the saying goes "We all bleed red when cut". We're all brethren beneath our skins. We all want Peace and Comfort where we live. We all have the same dreams, I think. Shelter, food and drink, family and friends. We want to love and be loved, we want non-judgmental acceptance for who we are from those around us. We want freedom from oppression, and freedom of expression. Many Paths are open to us, I believe that we each should be free to choose the Path that suits us. May your own Journey be fruitful.






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