Disclaimer : 

Please be aware that this plane and it's inhabitants are entirley fictitious, created whole cloth from the imaginations of a small group of women who are, for various reasons, totally enamored of Keanu Reeves and all of his character incarnations.   No intentions to infringe upon any copyrights real or imagined ; and any likeness to persons real or imagined is coincidental  ;).  


The Nomade is a privately owned wide-body jumbo jet with luxury accommodations, based out of L.A.X. California, U.S.A.   This plane took to the air in 2007, leaving from the now closed Keanuweb airport, for various destinations around the world.   Given that 'Our Hero' exhibits an intelligent thirst for knowledge about the world he lives in and those who people it, the journeys of the Nomade are designed to search for and experience that knowledge, however imaginary those experiences may be.   We would not dog the steps of the Man himself, we simply imagined the treks he might take. 

There was no warning that it would come to this... there are no indications of when, or if, this journey will end.
These pages tell the story of Seer, one of the Nomadeites.


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