Blackberry tea and fish rolls.   The berries grow wild and in abundance in this part of the country, and with the river so near our doorstep.. well, we eat a lot of fishy things.   Here, in this place, in cyberspace.   But I was going to tell you about The Real.   My real.   Here too the blackberries grow wild and in abundance, and the lake nearby does provide plenty of fish.   That lake does have over 1200 miles of shoreline and is over 200 feet deep in many places.   The creation of the lake did drown many homesteads, small towns and cemeteries.   There are of course many here who do remember the counties before the lake came.   Cumberland Lake was created by the building of Wolf Creek Dam on the Cumberland River back in the 1950s.   This area does also have many caves, although none like my cybercave.   Russell Springs and county, as the name suggests, did at one time have hot springs and a small resort built around them.   And it is a rural area with farms and livestock, and many old timers from the foothills of the Appalachians who are 'wise folk', know the ways of Nature and natural remedies, what grows wild that is good to eat, how to hunt and trap and fish.   They're survivors.   And I expect that if such a disaster as I've imagined did come to pass the folk here would manage to recover a living.   I live here with my octogenarian mother on a little better than an acre, not too many miles out of town to be inconvenient but enough to be out in the country.   When we moved here over twenty years ago there were ten homes on our two mile long road.   Today there are twice that and still it is out in the country.   We live on a ridge that does not lend itself well to development so I suspect that this will remain the country for some time to come.  

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