It has taken several incarnations for me to understand that this is cyberspace.

To realize that I can live anywhere out here. Be anyone I'd like to be.

Easy choice, and not. I love Anne McCaffrey's Pern, but it is hers and it would not be proper for me to usurp her world, for as well as I know it I don't know it as well as she does and I might inadvertently stray from canon. Or accidentally infringe on some copyright. So I began a search through cyberspace for a place that would suit me. But it was slow going. I found many places but none that felt quite right. Then it occurred to me that not only was I not limited by space, but my search is not limited by time either. That made it much easier, and I found my new home pretty quickly after that realization. I didn't even have to go far, at least geographically. The distance in time is unknown ; in imagination it isn't far off. Who can tell? And it doesn't matter really, this is cyberspace, for the moment at least everything out here is free and limited only by our own individual limitations. I don't think, all things considered, that I've wandered too far off the path, imaginary as it is. At any rate, follow along if you like, now that you've found your way here. I'll show you around my reality, tell you a little about how this place in my mind came to be.. Perhaps you'll enjoy yourself. I hope you do. You're welcome to blackberry tea and fish rolls while you decide!

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