The city in the evening 


The twin bridges over

Lake Pontchartrain



The French Quarter 


Mardi Gras!  

New Orleans is recovering from Katrina, and a small, but thriving group of screen writers have made their homes here, along with many other artsy sorts, the spirit of the city almost demands that kind of people.   The historical French Quarter and the yearly celebration of Mardi Gras bring in tourists from all over the world.   The bridges over the lake are among the longest in the world - once out in the center you can't see more than the haze of land, it's water all around.   Click on the photo above to visit the city we have come to love.   I lived in Louisiana years ago, I'm happy to be back! 

The architecture of our home reflects D's love of the Orient and I've come to enjoy the minimalism myself.   The place is small but we have a kitchen to cook in, a comfy four poster bed and indoor plumbing (with a purely delightful spa tub), he writes while sitting in the porch swing, I have a desk for my webwork.   What more could two people want?   We're happy here when we're not onboard the Nomade, traipsing the world! 

Thanks for visiting, come back anytime! 

Places we've enjoyed visiting  

Musha Cay 

Down Under! 

Van Couver B.C. 






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