It was a shame that the airport had closed down, it had provided an alternative to LAX.   But as someone once said, couldn't remember who, everything that had a beginning had an end.   It was a charming airport, simple single story terminal, ten gates, and even in it's hey day had catered mostly to private craft, only one of the four runways was large enough to land the larger passenger jets safely.   The landscaping was more in the nature of a park than a place of business, the airport restaurant faced onto a partially covered sidewalk seating area, most of the customers ate out there.   Pole lights that looked like old fashioned gas lighting lined the walks and drives, and there were concrete benches spotted here and there, drinking fountains.   In the center of the turnaround drive in front of the terminal sat a large water fountain, marble dolphins cavorting in the marble waves, spouting arched streams into the basin below.   More like a park.   "C'mon babe." D's encouragement redirected my thoughts as I stepped it up to catch up with him.   He wore a knowing smile ; I always got lost in thought when we were here.   Not often anymore, the place was merely a stopping over point now, some few private planes refueled and took on supplies here.   LAX used it for storage mostly.   I remembered the last time we'd been here when it was still open for business, three years ago.   Leaving for New York, the trip here had been a return for D, new for me, I'd only been to LA once before inspite of having lived less than two hundred miles from it for some time years ago.   Making a duty visit to his parents, something that he always dreaded, so he'd not been in the best of moods anyway.   He loved his folks but they were worlds apart.   I understood that all too well.   We were early, the Homeland Security required two hours and with time on our hands had gone out to sit at the sidewalk cafe, watch people come and go, and the food was good.   I'd noticed the woman seated a few tables away, watching us, everytime I looked up she was watching.   D mostly.   Not surprising, it was LA and he did look an awful lot like that actor, especially when that actor wasn't working.   I kept waiting for her to come over and ask.   However, before she did anything of the kind a man joined her, and then I was the one watching.   Staring. 


If I hadn't known that the actor was presently at work, and had beefed up a bit for the role, I'd have thought it was him.   The ever present 'they' said that everyone had a twin, a look-alike somewhere in the world, but this was bordering on the ridiculous.    Clothes, hair, weight, minor differences at best.   Twins separated at birth, make that triplets considering the actor.   The woman and her companion glanced over, he said something to her, she smiled and he got to his feet and approached our table.   "Hello, my name is Mr Anderson, but my friends call me Neo.   Would you like to join us?"   D glanced at me a little wide eyed and what could I do?   I was curious too, so I nodded.   Settled at their table, introductions made, we chatted for a short while, inane things, D mentioned we were returning to New York, Queen mentioned her private plane, she and Neo and another couple had just returned from Japan.   And then she began to talk about what she called her little project.. traveling around the globe, to places she'd always wanted to visit, the two couples had enjoyed themselves so far.   All leading up to the startling words "How would the two of you like to come with us some time?   We'd enjoy the company."   D and I had looked at each other in wary surprise, Neo had remarked with mild amusement "Interesting don't you think?   The reactions we'd get?"   Out of the miriad other noises common to an airport rose the rumble of a motorcycle, distracting us.   As the bike and it's two passengers appeared at the end of the drive Neo raised a hand "Rider and SusiD."   Queen glanced at her watch "Right on time."   D and I looked at each other ; the other couple.   Looked back as the bike rolled to a stop at curbside and the helmets came off.   The young woman on the bike stopped in mid "Hi, we're ba.." and stared at D.   The same way her companion, the man they called Rider was staring at D.   Almost as one heads turned to look at Neo, who was smiling, definitely amused now.   I looked at the three men.   And burst out laughing.  

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