In the beginning...

Was Happy Little Bit, a half Rat half Toy Terrier.   I was five years old when my dad brought him home in his coat pocket, and Happy and I grew up together, he was a month shy of 18 when he left us.   Through these many years there have been many of the canine persuasion who have been a part of my family pack, and I have come full circle, for there is once more a Rat Terrier living here. 


But there are only four now and it seems a little quieter to me.   It has been so long that I have been a part of a large 'family pack', surrounded by dogs and cats, that it seems strange..   The four are Leonie the Japanese Chin, Mackey the Australian Shepherd, Lily the Afghan Hound and Nike the Rat Terrier.   My circumstance prevents me from participating in doggie doings anymore, but I still have a few fingers in that pie through my good friend and mentor Vicki Courtney, who still owns and shows some of my Afghan 'grandpups' :).   



With the current problems the Animal Rights agenda is causing I'd like to add a word or twenty about Purebred Health, here


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