I am often asked why Seer, which is what I used for my kennel name.   The 'motto' above is why.   I favored Dureigh, one of the oldest, and at that time still active kennels in the US.   And I was involved 'today'.   And looking to the future of my kennel.   Past + Present = Future.   And a 'seer' sees all  :).



'SnoGhans'!   A few of the 'grandkids' living at Zepln, bred and owned by my breed mentor and good friend Vicki.   I have loved all sorts of dogs, don't dislike any breed, but Afghan Hounds have been and will always be my 'heart breed'.   I got my first Hound in '86 and never looked back.




Drum and Olivia were littermates from my 3rd litter.   Olivia was Vicki's 'pick' and Drum went to live with her several months later.   Vicki finished both of these dogs in good time (although we did at one point wonder if Olivia was going to retain the title of 'Reserve Queen'.. ;).   A short time later Olivia became a mom after an 'affair' with Ch Mahali Monarch. 




Princess, Olive and Percy are three of Olivia's offspring.   Princess is owned and was finished by Cathy at Windfall, where Monte lived.   Percy and Olive, along with pretty much the rest of the litter remained with Vicki.   Percy is finished, the others have a number of points between them.   Olive is now the mother of a litter by Ch Mahali Techumsah.   Several of those are among the 'snoghans' above :) most pointed or finished. 



Afghan Hounds are an ancient sighthound breed, developed to sight, course and kill game in their country of origin.   Here in the US some do participate in open field coursing out west, but most show their skills and instincts on the lure coursing field, like those pictured here.    


Chica is owned by S. Cerovski (Witchwood) and L.Hicks (Suni)

Sevi is owned by L. Hicks (Suni)

Both bred my M.J. Moss (L'Rhel) and L. Wilt (Asia)


These two live in Texas and are testament to the intelligence and ability of this breed.   The Afghan Hound Club of America holds a Triathlon event at their yearly National Specialtiy, which is only open to dogs competing in Conformation, Obedience and  Lure Coursing.    This photograph is from 2008, the year that Chica (sitting up) won the Triathlon, with her brother Sevi (lying down) placing second behind her.

These are their registered names :

Multi Ch. L’Rhel Witchwood TimeTraveler -

Multi Ch. L’Rhel Suni Asia’s TimeStep -


Contrary to the opinion held by some who are unfamiliar with this breed, these dogs are more than 'pretty faces', as can be seen by the titles held by the two dogs above.   The breed is not difficult to train, and gets along quite well with children.   The dog pictured here was David Sings Hosannah, AKA 'Davey the Wonder Dog'.    He was not only a Therapy Dog but was a Certified Assistance Dog.   Lived to a ripe old age for this breed, spending his days loving a housefull of 'special needs' children.   And while not holding certificates there are several other Afghans following in Davey's footsteps at Kennel RafA!



This is my friend and breed mentor Vicki Courtney, of Zepln Afghans.   I got my first Afghan in '86 from a breeder who lived several states away.   I was fortunate enough to meet Vicki that same year at the Louisville KC show, fell in love with the cream puppy girl on the end of her lead, and simply pestered Vicki until the rest, as they say, is now history.    If you're interested in how I really feel about these Hounds, check this out!



These guys aren't Afghans of course but they too have been a big part of my life with dogs.   Red and white Japanese Chins were rarely seen in most show rings here when I got my first ones.   Having never been one to follow convention too closely, of all of the Chins I've owned or bred, only two have been black and white  ;).   And now-a-days happily even the Tri colors are being seen more often! 




And the Aussies of course.   This is Emma, she was Mackey's mother.   These photos are part of a little tale to tell.   At the time these were done Olan Mills Photography Studios had a policy against pets in their portraits.   However, I explained to the young woman that Emma was in the process of training for Pet Therapy, and since that classed her as a service dog, we were given the 'green light' for the sitting.   After which the photographer mentioned that she wished that her human subjects were all as well behaved as Emma was that day  :). 


Finally, last but never least, the cats that have lived here.   All rescues of one sort or another.   Osirus, the grey 'tuxedo', nearly became a tiny kitten-sized grease spot in the road as I was returning home from work late one night.   Bearcat, the white and black furball, came here to live when his original family moved.   Mickey, the white and orange 'big boy', came here by way of Vicki from a co-worker who's SO announced that "the cat had to go". 


Of all of these, and many more, the four on the Critter page are the only ones who are left, and it IS quiet now.   

But there are the memories... 

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